Why You Need A Septic Maintenance Contract

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Why You Need A Septic Maintenance Contract

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Today the average septic system install can cost anywhere between $10 to $20,000 depending on site location, soil condition, type of system, cost of materials and labor. We know bigger numbers can sound scary, so to make septic work accessible for everyone, we have financing available in 12 and 24 month repayment plans. Click here for financing example. You should look at your septic system as an investment in your own heath and in the environment.

Improper and non-functioning systems can pollute our water and soil. (Iowa is already ranked #1 for waste creation from humans and animals.) Bob’s Septic is committed to environmental safety and disposes of all the waste we pump at a Water Reclamation Facility. To regulate and minimize the risk of pollutants, the state of Iowa requires homeowners to have a maintenance contract on file for their septic system.

Septic maintenance contracts – That’s A Job for Bob!

If you don’t have a septic maintenance contract on file, the State will send you a notification letter in the mail with requirements that must be met. Our septic maintenance contract covers everything the State requires and then some!

A good service contract guarantees that your system is getting the attention it needs. It is impossible to determine an exact schedule of when to pump a system, clean filters, or repair system failures without regular monitoring through a maintenance contract. In some instances depending on the type of system a maintenance contract might be required for the county you live in. Routine service and proper maintenance can help you identify problems early, sparing you the cost of replacing a system prematurely because it was not properly maintained.

Luckily, the cost of a maintenance agreement is not much more than the cost of having your tanks pumped regularly. Perhaps most important, effective management of your wastewater is critical to protecting your family’s health, environmental health and property values in Iowa.


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