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Bob’s Septic Tank Busters

October 25, 2020 Septic Maintenance 0
Bobs Septic Tank Busters

Who ya gonna call when your septic tank is haunted with scary sludge and poop creatures? TANK BUSTERS!

Bob’s Septic Tank Busters are Central Iowa’s most experienced septic professionals, our team has you covered for all your scary, septic related issues.

In our latest series of Youtube videos our Bob’s Septic Team faces off with The Creature from the Septic System, a giant poop-emoji ghost, and the tortured spirit of a big cat zookeeper. Check them out at the end of this blog post!

We know dealing with your septic system can be terrifying! That’s why we’re the only septic company in Central Iowa that is a one stop shop for all your septic needs. We do everything from simple septic tank pumping, to septic maintenance contracts. We can do traditional and alternative system repairs, to full blow septic system replacements!

If you’re worried about leaving behind a scary mess when you move, call Bob’s for your Time of Transfer. The Iowa DNR requires a Time of Tranfser (T.O.T.) inspection be done before the title of a property with a septic system changes ownership. We are the only Central Iowa company that’s capable of pumping a tank and performing the Time of Transfer Inspection during the same visit. Time of Transfer inspection does not guarantee a pass or fail, it simply reports system status to the administrative authority.

Want to learn more about Time of Transfer Inspections? CHECK OUT THIS BLOG POST

Afraid that the bill will be more frightening than the septic work itself? Have no fear, we have multiple financing options available for all types of tank busting work! Read more about septic system financing here.

Watch more of our YouTube videos here.


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