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That's a Job For Bob

Grease Trap Cleaning Vs. Grease Interceptor Cleaning

What is the purpose of grease traps and grease interceptors? Grease traps and grease interceptors perform similar functions—i.e., preventing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from leaving a kitchen facility and clogging sanitary sewer lines. These FOG compounds are byproducts of cooking that stem from the usual suspect food materials such as meat and dairy products.…
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May 26, 2020 0
Bob's Septic Winter Pumping

The Best Time to Pump Your Septic Tank

When is the best time for septic tank pumping? Here in Iowa, our Bob’s Team personal preference for septic tank pumping is Fall or Spring. Mainly because it will be easier for us to get in and out of your driveway for a pumping when the weather is mild. While it’s never the wrong time for…
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September 19, 2018 2