The Benefits of Sewer Line Camera Inspections and Hydro-Jetting

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The Benefits of Sewer Line Camera Inspections and Hydro-Jetting

July 9, 2019 Hydro-Jetting Sewer Line Sewer Line Camera Inspections 0
Sewer Line Camera Inspections and Hydro-Jetting Gallon Plumbing Bob's Septic

Sewer Line Camera Inspections and Hydro-Jetting

Sewer Line Camera Inspections and Hydro-Jetting allow you to see the state of a home’s plumbing and is essential towards making an informed decision when purchasing a new home.

Outside of buying a home, there are benefits to having your sewer lines camera inspected when you have a clog:

1. Accurate Problem Solving

As the camera travels down the pipes, you get a clear visual on the condition of the pipe surface and an accurate picture of what the issue is.

2. No Digging Up The Yard!

In days old, we would have had to dig up your yard to find the issue and repair it. With our cameras we can inspect with minimal disturbance.

3. Efficient and Time Saving

Because we’re not bringing heavy machinery to dig up the dirt, you save money on labor costs and time.

4. Service Integration

As the camera goes down the line, the distance is notated on the screen, telling us exactly where the camera is at. The entire thing is recorded and stored in the customer file for future reference. A copy is given to the homeowner as well.

Depending on what we find, our technicians will decide on a course of action to remedy or further prevent the problem. One of our best solutions is Hydro-jetting.


Our guys love using the hydro-jet! There’s something pretty awesome about all that power being able to clear out so much junk! Traditional methods like snaking can remove a blockage, but still leave residue on the walls of the pipe. Over time that residue builds and leads to a slow drain or another clog. Hydro jetting is extremely effective because it fully clears the line, removing all traces of debris and build up that occurs on the sides of the pipe.

Because it’s water, hydro-jetting is the most environmentally friendly way to clear a clog. Do you really want to dump all those chemicals down your pipes? Keeping our work as environmentally safe as possible is a part of our mission at Bob’s Septic and one we take pride in.

When you choose hydro-jetting to clear your blockages you’re also preventing future plumbing problems since it’s the only method that clearly cleans the pipes!

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