The Best Time to Pump Your Septic Tank

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The Best Time to Pump Your Septic Tank

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When is the best time for septic tank pumping?

Here in Iowa, our Bob’s Team personal preference for septic tank pumping is Fall or Spring. Mainly because it will be easier for us to get in and out of your driveway for a pumping when the weather is mild. While it’s never the wrong time for a septic tank pumping, there are many factors to consider. Your personal schedule, the weather, holidays, and frequency of use are all factors to consider when scheduling your next septic tank pumping.

We suggest your septic tank be pumped before the winter holidays or before your children are home for spring/summer break. Prepare for overuse and abuse beforehand, by having your septic tank pumped. When homeowners have several people visiting with them for an extended period of time, septic systems can become overwhelmed with a sudden increase in use. Even when you tell family members to be careful about flushing non-toilet paper items, do you ever really know if they actually heed your advice?

If you have recently had your tank pumped, it may be a better idea to wait until after the holidays to have a septic tank pumping performed. Following the holidays, any residual items that could clog your tank up can be removed with a pumping.


How often should you pump your tank?

Most septic tanks need cleaning about every three years. However, the actual time will depend on the quantity of solids entering the tank. The tank may have to be cleaned every one or two years if the home has a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink, which significantly increases solids entering a septic tank. An average septic tank can hold around five years of waste at a maximum. If you haven’t had a septic tank pumping within the last five years, it’s time.

On many farms, a fair portion of the sludge is the dirt that comes from washing clothes. If too much waste builds up in your tank, the solid waste will start leaking into your soil absorption system, and it could quickly become clogged. A blocked soil absorption system leads to a malfunctioning septic system that can’t adequately absorb liquid waste fast enough, and eventually your system will become backed up altogether. Septic tanks with too much accumulated sludge and other material can cause problems in the winter. Fixing a failed septic system in cold weather is difficult and expensive.

To have your questions answered about your individual septic system, give the Bob’s Team a call. We are happy to come out any time of year for a septic tank pumping or inspection. Keeping your system in perfect running condition is our priority.

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